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Your EHT system has been installed correctly. Your insulation system is intact. Everything is good to go and set-up for success. So then why are you still having operational failures? That’s the last thing that should be happening, the last thing anyone wants.

Does this sound familiar? There’s nothing more frustrating than having a correctly installed, functioning EHT system that still has operational failures. It’s frustrating and yet it’s actually an extremely common occurrence, so common you’ve likely experienced this firsthand. These systems should be reliable but we’ve seen numerous times the major flaws in their original design – the ultimate cause of all the unwanted havoc.

That is where we come in. We’ve seen this frustration, we know the time and energy that can be lost due to these operational failures. It’s the reason we’re so driven to provide the most viable, proven solution to this common issue. Through our practical knowledge and expertise, we work to apply current, cutting-edge EHT design techniques, providing our clients with the most reliable, proven, electrical heat trace designs.

Whether it’s a small maintenance project consisting of a few design modifications or larger scale installation projects, our team of designers will ensure the most reliable solution for you. Because your success is always our main motivation, our largest priority and your EHT system should be something you never have to worry about.

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