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How it all started

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About Us

At EHT Group Ltd. we pride ourselves in leading with industry knowledge going back over a decade, and a rapidly expanding client base across North America, and with our SmartTrace– heat trace Monitoring and Management software, you can revolutionize your entire heat trace infrastructure.

Located in Ontario Canada, our work extends beyond Canadian borders, and we have completed largescale heat trace projects in Spain, Wyoming, Denver, Texas and more.  

Over a Decade of Experience

Launched in 2018, EHT Group specializes in every aspect of the electric heat trace systems.. With over a decade of experience maintaining and commissioning heat trace systems, and working for and representing owners, electrical contractors and trainers- the idea to create a more streamlined and value focused solution was apparent. Co-Founders and brothers Conor and Cian Howitt created EHT Group. This has resulted in an organization that not only understands heat trace inside out, but could revolutionize the entire process.  Read more about our history on our blog. 

Our Services

We offer a variety of services and solutions to help facilities gain the heat trace visibility they need.  

  • Facility Assessments 
  • Specialty Field Services  
  • Controller Networking & Wireless Integration  
  • SmartTrace Monitoring  
  • SmartTrace Management  


Learn more about our services. 

Want to know more?

If you are looking to reduce maintenance costs, reduce pipe freezes and facility disruptions, increase energy efficiency and reduce emissions, connect with us

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