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About EHT Group

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We are EHT Group Ltd.

We are a Canadian-based company committed to simplifying Electrical Heat Trace. Located in Ontario, Canada, EHT Group Ltd. is an international company that serves worldwide customers, continuously extending our reach to those who can benefit from our list of services.

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EHT is what we do but it’s also who we are.

EHT Group grew from an idea that originated from a small group of individuals. After spending over 10 years working solely on the maintenance, commissioning, and construction of Electrical Heat Tracing systems, working for and representing owners, electrical contractors, advisors, trainers, reviewers, and designers – the idea became clearer than ever. When it comes to Electrical Heat Trace, we’ve done it all.

From this multitude of experience came an idea of how we could serve the EHT industry even further. We wanted to make an impact. We wanted to help revitalize and modernize an industry that was in need, that we were so passionate about, and in turn, help companies function at their most efficient. 

Since then, we have been doing just that. 

We quickly discovered there is a very small body of expertise in how to properly design, repair and maintain Electrical Heat Trace. With this in mind, we work hard to bring our knowledge, skills and experience to all things EHT in order to make engineering and maintenance easy and seamless for our clients. 

Want to know more?

Feel free to shoot us an email. We look forward to connecting with you. 


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