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Feature Description SmartTrace Monitoring SmartTrace Monitoring+ SmartTrace Management SmartTrace Enterprise
User Account Unlimited individual secure user accounts with individual permission control YES YES YES YES
Secure Login & Authentication 2 factor authentication and optional facility authentication integration YES YES YES YES
Live and Interactive Dashboard Understand the health of your EHT system. Know your system to protect your assets LIMITED YES YES YES
Automatic Continuous Device Trending Continuous device trending for all circuits. Keep your data forever YES YES YES
Power Trending Continuous power trending and analytics to reduce power consumption YES YES
Document Control Center Built in document control center to store PDF copies of heat trace isometrics, P&ID's, panel schedules, etc. OR linked with an existing document control center YES YES YES
Alarm Validation Automatically validate your alarms eliminating nuisance and troublesome alarms YES YES
Live Circuit Monitoring & Configuration Monitor and Configure individual heat trace circuits live from any device YES ENHANCED ENHANCED ENHANCED
Scheduling Data Manage your heat tracing scheduling data. Manually enter in WO's and completion of work YES
Scheduling System Integration Integration to customer ERP system to manage scheduling, alarm tickets and repairs.Import Facility scheduling data to SmartTrace OPTIONAL YES
Scheduling - Work Ticket Generation ERP Integration with off-site support to generate Work tickets include Check Sheets, Isometrics*, P&IDís*, Wiring diagrams* * If available YES
Criticality Rulesets Not all alarms are created equally, utilize all your process, alarm and temerature data to create rulesets to prioritize alarms the right way YES YES
Alarm Historian Track your alarm history to provide quick access to diagnostics and problem identification YES YES YES
Scheduling Data Historian With ERP Integration. Real time historian of all heat trace related activities at your fingertips on the circuit viewer page YES YES
Communication Loop Monitoring Detailed monitoring of the status and alarms specifically related to heat trace communication loops. YES YES YES
Forced On EHT Manager Manage your forced on circuits to tune your system and correct problematic circuits YES YES
Nuisance EHT Manager Manage your nuisance alarms and address design and installation issues YES YES
Freeze Log Manager Manage problematic heat trace circuits by identifying freezing issues and address the design and installation. YES YES
24/7 Remote force on/off support Let our team work with your operations team and conduct remote force on's/off's 24/7 YES
Heat Trace Reporting Emails Send scheduled reports on the health of the system at custom intervals that make sense for you YES YES
Process and electrical circuit data integration Integrate all data sources to manage and understand your alarms YES WE IMPORT WE IMPORT
Circuit Manager Tools Circuit information on mobile devices for maintenance teams to perform EI duties and troubleshooting YES YES YES
Multiple Facility Manager Use one platform to manage EHT and EHT alarms at multiple facilities YES YES
24/7 Technical Support 24/7 heat trace technical support for all business units: Operations, Reliability & Maintenance YES
Programming Audits Automatic programming audits to make sure the system is operating as per design - catch issues before they happen YES YES
User Audit Trail Clear and concise audit trail of every programming or configuration change on every heat trace controller. See what and who made configurations to the heat trace system YES YES
Troubleshooting A part-time field asset to supplement your maintenance team with heat trace assessments, troubleshooting and repair services OPTIONAL OPTIONAL OPTIONAL


What's the difference between monitoring and management in SmartTrace?

Monitoring in SmartTrace refers to real-time tracking and alerting of your heat trace systems' performance. Management, on the other hand, involves actively controlling and optimizing those systems. With SmartTrace, you get both, ensuring your heat trace infrastructure is not only monitored for issues but also managed to prevent them.

My controllers aren't networked. How can SmartTrace help?

We have extensive experience in networking heat trace controllers, and we often utilize radio technology to achieve this. The best part is that this is a proven and cost-effective solution. It allows for seamless communication between controllers and the SmartTrace platform, ensuring comprehensive monitoring and management.

Is SmartTrace a subscription service?

No, SmartTrace is not a traditional subscription service. It's a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform, which means you have continuous access to the latest updates and features as part of your usage. We are constantly improving and enhancing SmartTrace to provide you with the best experience.

Who owns my data when using SmartTrace?

You own your data. At EHT Group, we understand the importance of data security and privacy. Your data is yours, and we ensure its confidentiality and security.

Why is SmartTrace in the cloud?

SmartTrace is hosted in the cloud for several reasons. It provides universal accessibility, allowing you to monitor and manage your heat trace systems from anywhere. The cloud offers unlimited data storage and computational power, ensuring scalability and robust performance for your needs.

We're concerned about getting SmartTrace approved for our facility.

SmartTrace is an extremely secure platform, and we have developed a specific integration method that aligns with facility heat trace networks. It's important to note that SmartTrace is already installed and trusted in some of the world's largest oil and gas facilities, which speaks to its reliability and security. We can work closely with your team to address any concerns and ensure a seamless implementation process. Feel free to customize these answers to align with your specific messaging and the details of your SmartTrace platform.

What types of heat trace systems can SmartTrace monitor and manage?

SmartTrace is designed to connect to a wide range of heat trace controllers, assuming they have communication capability. This includes controllers from major brands such as nVent (Raychem / Digitrace), Thermon, Nextron, Chromalox, and even PLC-based heat trace controllers. If there's a controller that SmartTrace currently can't connect to, our team is continually expanding our compatibility, and we can have it integrated within a week or two to ensure comprehensive monitoring and management.

How does SmartTrace help reduce operational and maintenance costs, including power consumption and CO2 emissions?

SmartTrace provides real-time insights into your heat trace systems' performance, enabling you to identify and address issues proactively. This not only reduces the need for costly emergency repairs and minimizes downtime but also plays a crucial role in optimizing how your heat trace systems operate and are configured. This optimization can lead to significant power savings and a reduced CO2 footprint, making it not only a cost-saving solution but also an environmentally conscious one. Over time, these benefits translate into both financial and sustainability gains for your facility.

Can I integrate SmartTrace into my existing facility infrastructure?

Yes, SmartTrace is designed for easy integration into existing heat trace systems. Our team can work with your facility to seamlessly incorporate SmartTrace into your operations, whether your controllers are networked or not.

What kind of support and training do you offer for SmartTrace users?

We offer comprehensive training and support to ensure you get the most out of SmartTrace. Our team will guide you through the setup process, provide training for your staff, and offer ongoing support to address any questions or issues that may arise.

Can SmartTrace be customized to our specific facility needs?

Absolutely. SmartTrace is designed to adapt to the unique requirements of your facility. We understand that no two facilities complete heat trace maintenance activities in the same way. That's why SmartTrace's management processes are entirely customizable. This includes tailoring how we integrate your facility's scheduling and process data into SmartTrace. We work closely with you to ensure that SmartTrace aligns seamlessly with your specific processes and needs, offering a personalized solution that maximizes efficiency and effectiveness.


At EHT Group, we specialise in heat trace networking solutions. SmartTrace is built to utilize simple robust networking and conductivity principles to ensure reliability and future troubleshooting. 

No proprietary hardware is required.  

SmartTrace is perfect for both large-scale installations, and small applications where no network infrastructure is in place (think water towers or remote locations.)


SmartTrace will connect to a heat trace infrastructure where existing hardwired connections to heat trace panels (EHT) are already established.

This will typically consist of a networked system consisting of a fiber network and serial media converters. 


We are radio communication experts. 

Radios are a perfect solution to connect hard-to-reach heat trace panels where traditional wiring is unfeasible. 

Traditionally we utilize industrial 900MHz ad 2.4GHz serial radios.  


Perfect for small applications in remote locations. Think pump stations, water towers, and pump houses. 

Locations, where heat trace infrastructure exists but no existing network infrastructure, are in place. 

SmartTace will connect to industrial cellular network equipment we install inside your heat trace controllers. 


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